Pre School Contacts

Shelby Patterson

Amanda Freese

Alyssa Kelley akelley@alburnettcsd.or

Other Contacts (Specials Teachers, Student Support, Office Staff)

Choice Boards

These choice boards are designed to represent the work a student can be expected to complete each day. Students may choose the order in which they complete the tasks listed and should be expected to work within the guidelines of developmentally appropriate length of attention span.

4 Year Old Preschool

Patterson Choice Board May 25-28

Patterson Choice Board May 18-22

Patterson Choice Board May 11-15

Patterson Choise Board May 4-8

Patterson Choice Board April 27-May 1

Patterson Choice Board April 20-24

Patterson 4 year Old Pre School Weekly Choice Board–Week of April 13-17


Freese Choice Board May 25-28

Freese Choice Board May 18-22

Freese Choice Board May 11-15

Freese Choice Board May 4-8

Freese Choice Board April 27-May 1

Freese Choice Board April 20-24

Freese 4 Year Old/Alternative Kindergarten Weekly Choice Board–Week of April 13-17

3 Year Old Preschool

Kelley Choice Board May 26-28

Kelley Choice Board May 18-22

Kelley Choice Board May 11-15

Kelley Choice Board May 4-8

Kelley Choice Board April 27-May 1

Kelley Choice Board April 20-24

Kelley 3 Year Old Pre School Weekly Choice Board–Week of April 13-17

Learning Resources

There are still many learning resources available in addition to the choice boards for your student in subject areas as well as social/emotional learning.

Pre-School Learning Resources (3/19)

Online Learning Platforms

The buttons below are links to Seesaw and Google Classroom if your student’s teacher has requested you use that platform.  You should have login information from the teacher.


Google Classroom - Apps on Google Play