There will be two staging areas for construction, both of which will be in place this May. The first is to the northwest of the main building. Some of you know this as “the greentop.” It’s really not very green at this point, so if you are looking for a different landmark, it’s west of the greenhouse or north of the elementary gym. The area will be fenced off, but we all need to be aware of the added construction traffic and how this will limit parking. This is especially important for our community based activities in the evenings and on weekends, such as youth ball practice and games. Construction traffic will be during normal work hours and will enter from the north. With this plan, there is no reason to be concerned about proximity to students walking to and from recess or any outside supervised activity during the school day.

The second area will be the east end of the main parking lot. Again, this will be fenced off. Construction traffic will enter from the east off of Main Ave. While this won’t have a large impact during the summer, we want to share early that we will be routing all in and out traffic through the Roosevelt Street entrance during construction. We will assist with further detail in August.

As for parking in the main lot, this will be very limited during construction, and will be for employees, guests, and morning and afternoon drop off only. We anticipate using the baseball field parking lot for student parking, and we will have adults supervising students as they cross Main Ave. before and after school.

Yes, this will be different…and challenging. Thank you in advance for working with us to ensure the safety of all!