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Our Pre-K – 5th Grade Elementary offers excellent student to teacher ratios with an emphasis in STEM instruction.

For nutrition, general forms and other resources, please visit our Alburnett Parent page.

School Hours

School starts: 8:20 am

School ends: 3:23 pm

Main Office: (319) 842-2261


Elementary Faculty

Josh Henriksen
Elementary Principal
(319) 842-2261


Elementary Teachers


Photo of Alyssa Kelley
Alyssa Kelley
Preschool Teacher

Alyssa Kelley's Website

Photo of Amanda Freese
Amanda Freese
Preschool Teacher

Amanda Freese's Website


First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade


Photo of Ashley Shultz
Ashley Shultz
Special Education

Ashley Shultz's Website

Photo of Diane Martinson
Diane Martinson
Teach Librarian

Photo of Kate Edwards
Kate Edwards
Elementary Art

Kate Edward's Website

Photo of Lydia Raim
Lydia Raim
5-12 Instrumental Music

Photo of Genevieve Monthie
Genevieve Monthie
Instructional Strategist

Photo of Loxley Drahn
Loxley Drahn
K-12 Art, Yearbook Sponsor

Photo of Jesse Myers
Jesse Myers
Instructional Strategist

Support Staff

Photo of Alaina Wagner
Alaina Wagner

Photo of Brevity Airy
Brevity Airy
Elementary Secretary

Photo of Corinne Newport
Corinne Newport

Photo of Julie Freeland
Julie Freeland
Library Associate

Photo of Stacy McClintock
Stacy McClintock

Photo of Heather Ossman
Heather Ossman
Preschool Associate

Photo of Jessie
Therapy Dog

District Personnel


Photo of Alex Medford
Alex Medford

Photo of Amber Pflughaupt
Amber Pflughaupt
Nurse Associate

Photo of Bill Medford
Bill Medford
Asst. Building & Grounds

Photo of Brian Moretz
Brian Moretz
Middle / High School Principal

Photo of Brooke Flannagan
Brooke Flannagan
Nurse Associate

Photo of Cathy Dochertman
Cathy Dochertman
Regular Route Driver

Photo of Dan Peterson
Dan Peterson
Regular Route Driver

Photo of Diane Martinson
Diane Martinson
Teach Librarian

Photo of Eleanor Flitsch
Eleanor Flitsch

Photo of Gale Seevell
Gale Seevell
Regular Route Driver

Photo of Harley McBurney
Harley McBurney
School Business Official

Photo of Jackie Lovell
Jackie Lovell
Food Service

Photo of Jackie Wittenburg
Jackie Wittenburg
Food Service

Photo of Jaime Thompson
Jaime Thompson
Food Service

Photo of Jara Pavlis
Jara Pavlis
Regular Route Driver

Photo of Jennifer Meill
Jennifer Meill
Health Office Associate

Photo of Joni Reuhl
Joni Reuhl
Regular Route Driver

Photo of Kathleen King
Kathleen King
Food Service

Photo of Kay Wilson
Kay Wilson
Food Service

Photo of Misty King
Misty King
Food Service

Photo of Nick Wooldrik
Nick Wooldrik
Activities Director/Physical Education

Nick Wooldrik's Website

Photo of Peggy Lutz
Peggy Lutz
Food Service

Photo of Teresa Hollan
Teresa Hollan
District Secretary

Photo of Corey Arment
Corey Arment
Buildings & Grounds Supervisor

Photo of Denise Rawson
Denise Rawson
Food Service Director

Photo of Mike Mitchell
Mike Mitchell
Activities Director, Transportation Director

Photo of Rob Kauffman
Rob Kauffman

Photo of Jenice Richardson
Jenice Richardson